Bangkok – Kanchanaburi – Ayutthaya

For five days now I am in this beautiful country called Thailand and it feels like I’ve been here for two weeks. There were so many things we have already seen and done. And I really felt in love with this colorful and diverse country.
To be honest I like it much more than China, because everything here is colorful and the Thai people are so friendly and helpful. But i dont want to judge China because i have only seen Beijing.

For example, me and my travel friend Vivi arrived two days ago at the hostel in Ayutthaya and we met a really crazy Thai woman there. She was like the manager of the hostel and in the evenings we hung out with her and other backpackers, drunk beer and whisky and had lots of fun. You need to know that she is like 50 years old, really small and thin, with long brown hair and there are only a few teeth left in her mouth. She told us that there were once a few young boys at her hostel, and they bet with her about drinking beer and vodka. She beated the boys and so they owed her about 5000 Baht (more than 100€). She was really crazy when she told us  this with the littlw english she could speak, and when she saw that we were really laughing she told the story again and again. So it was lots of fun. On another evening she tought us how to massage right and which points to press.That was really interesting and her massages were really good although it hurt a bit.

I could tell you so much more, for example that I bought myself an sweet little elephant I fell in love with. The woman who gave it to me said the elephant would stand for happiness. So I dicided to have it as my personal travel mate and luck bringer.

Such an interesting country, here you can explore a rich and old culture as well as have funny day trips to national parks or the jungle and meet soo many nice backpackers.

May the pictures say the rest.

See youu 🙂