The spirit of adventure

Sitting in the local shuttle bus to Peking, Iam reflecting the past day. Hopefully everything happened as it should, though there were some exciting moments.
Lets start at the beginning: My flight from Paris to Peking. Getting to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris was not that easy as it seemed first. My plan was to drive with a local bus from Gare de l’Est, because I had lots of time. But after waiting 30 minutes for the bus, a nice couple told me that the bus would strike today. Oh lucky me! So we decided to take the train from Gare de Nord. Finally this worked and I got to the airport.
After passing the check-in and the security check successfully, I waited for the plane to arrive. I was a bit scared of the flight, because it really was my first long term flight, but it was totally ok. I had absolutely no problems with the start or landing, I watched a movie and slept a bit. Only the Chinese man next to me annoyed me by making strange noises with his nose all the time.

Having arrived in Beijing international airport, I had to pass the China Immigration Security. This was a bit difficult. Let me explain it to you: in Peking you can get a free 72 hour Transit Visa, which is explaining itself, so you need to show your leaving flight ticket at the Immigration office. Thats what I thought. But in fact they need your next flight ticket and a print of your hotel reservation. Luckily I didnt have my hostel reservation with me, because it was in my luggage,which i didnt have yet. So they didnt want to let me go. It really seemed bad for me, but then I realized that I have the booking confirmation on my mobile phone. I showed it to them and then they let me go.

Another really bad thing me: After I got out of the bus, I was supposed to take another one, which I couldnt find. So I take a taxi. That was a good decision because it just took 5 minutes to my Hostel. Therefore I was really fast acting when we arrived. But when I talked to the lady at the Hostel reception, I realized that I have forgotten my mobile phone in the taxi. This was really awful, I nearly cried, because this happened too often and I needed this mobile phone to write my family and to write this blog. I felt really lonely at this moment.
But I had great Iuck. I called my own number to talk to the taxi driver, and it worked! After a few hours of waiting the taxi driver came and brought me my mobile. I was soo happy then, and glad that there are still honest people in this world.

Now, when Iam looking past to this last days, I know it was worth everything. This is what it means to travel alone, these are the experiences you make, which make you strong and proud afterwards. It is also the spirit of adventure that comes to my mind.

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